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Being self-aware is having a conscious knowledge of one’s character, feelings, motives, and desires. While many of us fancy ourselves self-aware, the truth is that most of us are not. And no matter how many exercises, therapist appointments, and meditation sessions we partake in, we probably will never be as self-aware as we would like. This is because we are inexorably blinded by our ego and internal monologue.


We see only what we want to see.


The surest way to consistently and effectively neuter the destructive power of your ego is to have a mentor, coach, or community of trusted advisors who can provide you honest, non-biased feedback and guidance. These people are the real mirrors of your behavior, the ones giving you the truth that a standard mirror cannot.


To honestly see ourselves we must be able to look through the eyes of another and trust what they see.  SomeDay business coaches are those eyes.  We are here to help you through your journey and emerge a greater person both personally and professionally.  We are your secret weapon.



step 1

Discovering Your Purpose

Connecting to Your Inner Desires & Setting Your North Star.


step 2

Integrating Your Life

Achieving Harmony between your Emotional Needs and your Everyday Existence.


step 3

Choosing Your Challenge

Your Best Choice or Best Course of Action Based on Your Priorities.


step 4

Understanding Your Biases

Diminishing Negative Inclinations or Prejudices for or Against People and Things.


step 5

Building Your Wave

The Compounding Effect of Combining Good Decisions with Great Execution.


step 6

Cultivating Appreciation

Balancing Our Desire for More with the Appreciation of What we Have.


Self Awareness
Professional Recognition
Greater Fulfillment
End Negative Cycles
Better Relationships
Better Decision Making
Improved Fitness

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