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Hotels & Casinos

Hotels have always been places for travelers to stay and rest their heads, but in modern society they represent much more.  Hotels and casinos are the place where travelers connect to the local community and locals connect with each other.  SomeDay Consultants understand how to build these types of experiences.  We have spent the last two decades working on hotels and casinos throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Our experience ranges from small boutiques to multi-billion dollar masterplan developments.  Whatever your needs we can bring the team to serve you.

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Food & Beverage

From food media, to quick service restaurants, to pop ups, or high-end fine dining, SomeDay consultants have experience marketing, operating, concepting, and developing the most cutting-edge food and beverage concepts in the world.  Our network of chefs, operators, and industry influencers will enable you to fully realize your idea or turnaround that troubled outlet that no one can seem to figure out.  We have the expertise to build an fully integrated experience that profitably and deliciously realizes your vision.

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Start Ups & Innovation

The demands of start ups and innovative high growth businesses differ from those of other businesses.  These teams need the support of versatile experts that can help them with whatever problem they are dealing with at the moment.  SomeDay Consultants are the perfect supplement to your internal teams, from fractional CMO’s to experts in specific areas like technology, growth hacking, and operational infrastructure. We are here to provide what you need when you need it, so you can focus on delivering on what you do best.

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Real Estate

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world.  Despite it’s value or maybe because of it, real estate organizations are some of the most traditionally run businesses in the world.  SomeDay Consultants are the perfect compliment to real estate organizations because their practice is rooted in innovation and creativity, while remaining in touch with the traditional business needs.  Engage us and we will unlock the hidden value of your greatest assets.

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