We are a group of believers. We believe in you. We believe in your vision. We believe in your ideas.  We help creators & companies do their best work.

How?  We help leaders and their teams gain a greater understanding of themselves and their businesses to become more fulfilled, effective, and focused on what they do best.  Our services include brand consulting, performance coaching, and marketing strategy.


SomeDay coaching and consulting was created by Alan Philips an entrepreneur, creative executive, writer, speaker, husband, and father specializing in guiding & inspiring individuals and organizations on the path to discovering their purpose & unlocking their creative potential. Alan has over two decades of experience in hospitality, real estate, and entrepreneurship, working with some of the world’s most recognized organizations, people, and brands.


Alan’s career began with a culinary stage with chef Wolfgang Puck at the original Spago restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Later, he maintained positions with Myriad Restaurant Group & Strategic Group. From there he launched a hospitality consulting firm, Sky Group, developing hospitality projects nationally & internationally. In 2010, he brought the first “pop up” restaurants to New York, going on to execute more than a dozen such ventures and helping ignite the trend.


In 2012, Alan joined Morgans Hotel Group where he oversaw the concepting, marketing, & development of boutique hotels & their associated brands (Delano, Mondrian, Hudson) in the U.S., Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East, & Asia, as well as Morgan’s global food & beverage business. From there he joined The We Company (formerly WeWork) as Senior Vice President of Brand Experience, where he spearheaded strategic development & execution of the WeWork and WeLive brands & 360-degree marketing initiatives, including experience, events, creative, social media, partnerships, digital content, communications & new market launches. Alan then joined Turnberry, a real estate and hospitality company, as Chief Marketing Officer, where he oversees marketing, digital, and innovation for premier assets in South Florida & Nashville such as Fontainebleau, Aventura Mall, SoLe Mia Miami, & JW Marriott Nashville.


Alan cares deeply about guiding and inspiring people and companies on the journey to doing their best work.

“one of the most successful Chief Branding Officers and blue-sky brand marketers of this generation”


“As the Brand Experience wizard of WeWork, he regularly scheduled entertainment, educational and community-fostering events that made headlines and served as a “funnel” to get curious potential clients streaming in for a tour.”


“People (like Alan) who understand the combination of short term return on investment and long term value of creativity and brand and trust and connection is few and far between.”


“Not only did he oversee all aspects of branding and marketing for its Delano, Mondrian, Hudson, and Originals brand hotels, including 13 locations across the US and one in Istanbul, Turkey, he was also responsible for the marketing of food and beverage.”

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The Age of Ideas is our recently released podcast, book, newsletter, media platform, and related products that provide inspiration and information to people and companies looking to obtain personal fulfillment and professional achievement. SomeDay exists to help people and companies apply these ideas to their lives and businesses.

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